creative consultant, visionary, futurologist, innovation expert.

20 years of advertising and marketing in Hamburg, New York, Los Angels, Munich, Vienna. Dietmar Dahmen started out as a strategic planner, and later moved on to become a highly decorated creative. He was Creative Director with DDB, Executive Creative Director with Ogilvy, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director with BBDO.


For almost 10 years Dietmar lectured disruptive advertising at the Filmacademy Baden Württemberg in Germany , winning 16 times gold and silver awards with his students at the Young Directors Awards in Cannes.


Today Dietmar works independently as a professional speaker and consultant for change, innovation and disruptive market strategies with global clients and world wide engagements. Dietmar is on the board of advisors with various companies in Europe and the US, is a founding member of the Smart Service Award Germany (in cooperation with the German Ministery for research and development) and holds the position of Chief Innovation Officer with “”.


Dietmar is member of the Creative Club Austria, the Art Directors Club, Germany and functions as the expert for digital transformation and innovative marketing with the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA). He is also member of the SAP Business Expert Circle and with Adobe worldwide.